We tried to answer all important questions you may have. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, just drop us a line at hello@pizsistore.hu

 Where can we find you? Our headquarter is in Budapest, Hungary. We also work from Budapest and our showroom is also going to open here soon.
What are your brand values? PIZSI’s mission is to promote making time for quality rest and to help quality sleep. We make comfortable and stylish sleepwear available for every woman. Another obvious and constant goal to us is to build and maintain a sustainable brand.
Where are the PJ’s made? Every piece is made in Hungary in a workplace that cares for the comfort, health and wellbeing of the employees.
What size should I order? There is a link to the size chart on each product’s page that will help you decide. If you’re still hesitant, just reach out to us at hello@pizsistore.hu.
How can I delete or edit my order? If you want to change anything on your order, contact us at hello@pizsistore.hu.
What payment options do I have? You can pay by PayPal for now.
Can I place an order from outside Hungary? Yes, we ship to all countries in the European Union.
What is the estimated delivery time? We’re proud to be a slow fashion brand and to pay attention to sustainability. This also means that we ship the packages in batches. We complete every order within 14 calendar days.